Friday, August 10, 2012

My Mom Rocks!

I received a handmade card from my Mom for my birthday. I LOVE getting handmade cards, especially from my family. It means something when I receive a card that someone took the time to make. What makes this card so special is that not only did my Mom make the card, but my Mom is 82 years old and still making things! That's important. Working on crafts is an important task for keeping your brain active and healthy. You need hand/eye coordination to make things  and continuing to use your hand/eye coordination strengthens your ability. Continuing to make things as we mature into our Golden Years is just one more step along the road to Healthy Aging. Crafting keeps all those little neurons firing in your brain ... and you want that! Both sides of the brain are involved because you use one side for the math of figuring paper sizes and measuring. You use the other side to work through color choices and design ideas.

My Mom has arthritis in her hands. Some days she can work the punches just fine and other days my sister punches things out for her. It's nice that they are a team like that. LOVE that they craft together. I miss that living so far away, but it gives me a warm feeling to think of them sitting around the kitchen table working, chatting and laughing ... there's always laughter!

So THANKS MOM for making me such a sweet card. I wanted to highlight it here to show off how MY MOM still crafts! You're the best!

Take a moment and create a one of a kinds treasure for someone that you TREASURE. These are the kinds of things we keep and hold dear. Give someone that pleasure today.

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