Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not just cards

While you my think that card making is my main focus, and usually it is, but that's not what I've been spending my time on these last few months. As either part of the Hospitality Committee or as Chair of the Hospitality Committee for a local service organization, I spend a lot of time planning, creating and executing events & decorations for those events.

I spent a lot of time in late November and early December working on our Christmas Luncheon & Installation. It think it came out pretty well.

Table settings. Programs stamped and I tied all those ribbons myself. My fingers were numb!

I make cupcake thrones each month for our birthday girls. December is not exception - December birthdays need a little extra love and attention.

We also played a fun game drawing a Christmas themed image on a paper plate ... while on top of your head. Lots of laughter!

One of our most recent events was a Mardi Gras party ... on a snowy Oklahoma night.

My wonderful Hospitality Committee members - better known as the Hopsitality Honeys, came over to work on decorations and party favors for our little event a few days before Mardi Gras. There was lots of fun & laughter, lots of glue guns and we even got a little bit of work done!

Hard at work. LOL

The decorations came out great. Lots of color and each piece was very individualized.

These were the table favors. The little goodie bags were cut with my Cricut, as were the Fleur-de-lies. The committee used a variety of bling pieces to decorate the bags. We filled them with candy like you'd get if you went to a parade and some Mardi Gras beads - of course!

Our center pieces were made using empty wine bottles with decorated masks peeking out from the top. We added cool wired star garland to the bottles and some fun glittery stuff poking out of the top along with the masks.

A couple of table shots.

I found this wonderful mask while traveling and dragged her home. So thrilled she made it in one piece! I added some fun decor mesh around her head to make it pop more. Man, that stuff is tougher to work with than I thought. The cool fleur-de-lis fabric under the mask belongs to one of my committee members. Very pretty in real life. This was used as part of the backdrop for photos of attendees, along with about a million balloons. I've named her Marie Laveau. ;)

Ten days later I had another function. How do you decorate for an event with the theme:  "We Survived the Mayan Apocalypse"? Ya, I was up in the middle of the night trying to come up with stuff for that one. Stay tuned for that tomorrow. 

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