Friday, March 8, 2013

We Survived the Mayan Apocalypse

A friend of mine asked me to do the decorations for an awards banquet. Little did I know that she had come up with the craziest theme - "We Survived the Mayan Apocalypse". How on earth was I going to decorate for that? Well, we decided to use a lot of Mayan calendar images as decoration pieces and of course how better to survive a Mayan Apocalypse than by have a volcano with a sacrifice ready to enter said volcano. So, once I finished the Mardi Gras decorations (notice I said finished not put away) I started on creating for this event.

I made a volcano, complete with "flames" out the top, Mayan chief and sacrifice victim. This was the vignette that I created for the banquet. It was a hit and got people in the spirit of the event. It was in a great place so that you had to pass by it on the way to the food.  

Poor Barbie, being drug off my Ken to be sacrificed into the volcano.
The volcano took me about a week to create. I started working on it in the garage but it got so cold that I was afraid the grout I was layering on to make it look more realistic wouldn't dry. So inside it went and good thing too since the temps dropped pretty low.

I think the "chief" approved of my calendar center pieces. These were at the center of each table along with some other goodies.

Our "hosts" for the banquet.

I survived decorating for the Mayan Apocalypse!

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