Thursday, April 26, 2012

Full Retirement List Revealed

Big Day Yesterday  

The list of retired items got longer. The accessories list was released yesterday. What does that mean? It means these items will not be in the new catalog June 1st. Some items are being removed altogether, like the whole Decor Elements line. Other items are getting a "face lift", like our Heat Gun.  To view the complete list of items to be retired, click on the button on the right. This will take you directly to my shop and the list.

A quick note to hopefully ward off any confusion. The Craft Stamp Pads, as of June 1st will be available in White or Black only. The Classic Stamp Pads are remaining but getting a "face lift" by getting a new firm foam pad. This change is to help get better ink coverage with less pressure and should provide longer life to your stamp pads over all. The only colors of Classic Stamp Pads that are going away are the “In Colors” for 2010 – 2012.

An additional important note is that with the new pads in the Classic Stamp Pads, comes a new ink formulation for 5 inks: Basic, Black, Basic Gray,  Marina Mist, Perfect Plum, Tempting Turquoise. The reformulation is also for the re-inkers of these 5 colors. Using the new formula on the old stamp pads is fine, however, Stampin’ Up! does not recommend using the old ink formula in the new firm foam pads.

I’m getting excited about what will be in the new catalog! I get a tiny sneak peak on May 1st and then I get to see the whole thing on May 7th. Sorry can’t tell you anything with that sneak peak even if you bribe me with chocolate … well… maybe with chocolate…. LOL

Have a wonderful day and find some time to play with your stamps!

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