Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Time for another look at some of the great crafting tools offered by Stampin' Up!

I recently purchased the Color Caddy. Stampin' Up! lists that under storage but in my mind, storage items are tools that help us to create more effectively. Having a place for everything relieves a lot of the stress that arises with crafting because we KNOW where our supplies are. More energy can be applied to the creative process when you don't have to worry about cleaning up when you're making a creative mess, you already have space for it. Personally I think that's totally cool!

 Just out of the box it looks like a giant marshmallow. It's packaged really well!

Ahhh, a little peek of what's inside.

With all the protective packaging removed. It come stacked in a compacted form. 

You need to remove the stack. That gray thing in the back of the photo is a piece that goes on the bottom so that it doesn't slide or mark up the surface that it rests upon. 
(Nice shot of my knee and toe, dontcha think! LOL)

The "trays" stack on top of each other with the support brackets "snapping" into each other. Mine didn't make a snap sound like it says in the directions. They just kinda fit into the slot.

Stacked and ready for the tray to go on top and the handle to be screwed on. There is very little room once the tray goes on. You need to GENTLY push down on the stack, including the tray to screw the handle on. It's a little tricky but once it's on there, it's very secure.

Assembled and waiting for stamp pads.

I highly recommend the Color Caddy as part of your crafting supplies. This is a great space saving tool and I LOVE having my supplies so easily at hand as well as having the stamp pad colors easy to see. That's great when I'm rushing or working in the middle of the night ... cross eyed! LOL

If you'd like a Color Caddy of your own, you can order one by clicking Color Caddy.
If you already have one but need more spaces you can order Color Caddy Extender Kit.

Now, go break out your supplies and have some fun!

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