Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tool Time Tuesday

One tool that always sits on my desk is my Stampin' Scrub. This little pad helps keep my stamps clean and the rubber conditioned.

The pad has 2 sides; one for wet (where you spray the cleaner) and one for dry, where you rub the stamp to dry it off. Each side is designated with a little symbol - droplets for wet, umbrella for dry.
Use this pad with Stampin' Mist to clean stamps that have regular inks. For inks like Stazon use Stazon Cleaner. We also carry Stampin' Mist refills and Stampin' Scrub refill pads

It's important to keep your stamps clean and to use a good cleaning solution. Harsh chemicals will damage your stamps and continued use of harsh cleaners will end up destroying the image. Be sure to use a good quality cleaner from a known source to care for, clean and condition your stamps. I've been doing this for many years and still have stamps from when I was a teenage that are in pristine condition and stamp like new.

Grab your supplies and clean them up so they'll be ready to make something wonderful when you're ready.

Have a wonderful day!

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